Aging is a natural process, but as the saying  goes, "we're only as old as we feel!"  

Older patients are subject to structural problems and other ailments related to the spine.
 As a person ages, the muscles that help to maintain the spine in its normal alignment
begin to lose the tone needed for spinal balance.  When this happens, spinal nerves are
affected and cause pain and other discomfort in the back, hips, legs, neck, arms and
other areas of the body.  

Pain and stiffness are two of the most common complaints of the senior citizen.  
Chiropractic treatment can help many of these symptoms that are associated with the
aging process.

Chiropractic spinal adjustments can improve and restore proper alignment of the spine,
relieve symptoms, and improve flexibility and mobility.  So, in reality, you can be as
"young as you feel!"

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