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Many people suffer headaches and
migraines on a regular or daily basis.  They
begin to accept headaches as a normal
part of life. But, there's no need to live with
headache pain.

Headaches often begin because of
misalignments in the cervical spine.  The
nerves and blood vessels that lead to the
head pass through small openings in
between the cervical vertebrae (see
diagram below). A misalignment of those
vertebrae, usually at C1 or C2, can cause
pressure on those nerves and constrict the
blood vessels - resulting in a headache or
migraine.  With gentle chiropractic
adjustments, the vertebra are re-aligned,
removing the pressure from the nerves and
blood vessels, giving you relief from
headache pain.

Chiropractic treatment is very successful in
treating both the common headache as well
as migraine headaches.  Don't live with
headache pain.  Seek Chiropractic Care.

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